Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dreaded 6-Pool

What is it?

Going offensive in the early game as a Zerg can be a rewarding tactic if executed correctly.  With the ability to create troops at a fast pace with limited resources in the early game, the Zerg make ideal pressure appliers to any race.  This is especially useful against another unprepared Zerg player as they do not have an easy means of blocking off their choke point.  Compound this with the fact that most Zerg players go for a fast expand even before properly scouting out their opponent. 

The 6-pool strategy gets its name because you create a fast spawning pool at 6 supply (i.e. only 6 drones).  After you start to construct pool, spawn 2 more drones in while waiting for it to finish.  You are trying to time it so there are 3 larva waiting when the pool is finished.  Hatch 3 pairs of zerglings and you will have 6 troopers ready to go!

Now if you really want to commit to the strategy, use a drone to achieve the "extractor trick" (by this I mean construct an extractor with a drone thus dropping your supply count by 1, then build either another pair of lings or a queen or drone and then cancel the extractor instantly (you shouldn't lose any resources if done quick enough).  Regardless of what you get here, move out the 6 lings as soon as they are hatched.  Hopefully you know where your enemy is located either by following their scout home, your overlord, etc.  The element of surprise is key here.

How do we win:

Hopefully you can disrupt their economy quickly and cause a rage quit or set them back enough that the next round of troops will take them out.  This may happen, but it is nice to have a fall back if it fails.  My suggestion is to start powering out drones after 8 lings (6 from the first group of larva and 2 from extractor trick) and get a fast expand up asap.  Grab a queen shortly thereafter, inject, and just build up your economy.  The nice thing is with your opponent on their heels, counter attacking will not be on their list of things to do right away.  Amass a large army of lings if you can break their choke and their unit composition is poor, or tech up to roaches.  You will need gas for the latter however and the early rush doesn't get you any gas so BEWARE, this tactic may not work too well.

Swarm on Brothers!


  1. tbh i prefer to play smart
    just keep a bit of units at first and expand a bit
    then keep banelings to prevent their expansion
    this way if u execute it nicely u will be able to dominate

  2. Love SC 2!

  3. Thanks for the post :)

  4. good counter strat

  5. Nice strategy man.

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  6. im actually beginning a college club where we design games, we are planning on making custom sc2 maps, so thanks for these tips man will be useful in the future

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  8. post a video with this strat for noobs like me hehe XD